Briefly in English

What is a gaming convention (or game con)?
A convention is an event where people gather to share a hobby. Naturally, a gaming convention focuses on all kinds of games, such as card games, board games, role-playing games, miniature games and computer games. It is also common to arrange film viewings, workshops and other activities, and game shops are often present to sell their products.

What is PampCon?
PampCon is a game con set in "Pampas", a common pet name for Osthrobothnia, arranged for the first time on 7-9 February 2014. The game con is arranged by Finlands Svenska Rollspelsförening Eloria rf, a Finno-Swedish role-playing association.
Like most game cons, PampCon offers visitors the possibility to familiarize themselves with all sorts of games. The con is meant for everybody with an interest of gaming, and the events vary in level and “geekiness” to offer something to beginners as well as to seasoned players. Besides concrete games to play there will also be for instance a cinema, workshops and lectures available.
The language of the con is Swedish, but you are of course welcome regardless of your language (as gaming rules are the same in all languages). The con should be just as much fun even if you don't know any Swedish! If you want to know more, feel free to contact our general ( ) and she will tell you more.